Eight Year To-Do

I was going to start this blog eight years ago. It’s been a permanent unmarked checkbox on my list. And today just seems like a great day to finally mark a giant X on that notepad.

To be fair, I have started, or contemplated, lots of different blogs. I had “World’s Most Improved Mom”, which was just a list of things that I was going to get better at, and then I started “Reasons Why I Drank Today”, which was funny kid-related mishaps that led to a glass of wine at night – but then I realized I was basically drinking a glass of wine every night and didn’t need a daily reminder, and finally my latest attempt, “Working Mom Woes”, which is pretty self explanatory.

But “Second Place Mom” is what I am going to stick with. At least until I think of something else.

More than anything I want a record for my kids so that they can see that I really did try, I gave it my absolute best shot. And when they are older and complaining to their therapist about me, I can show them this and they can begin to put their childhood into context. Hopefully they will see that everything that I did and do is out of crazy love. I am not perfect by any stretch – but I am trying.

And when my kids are grown and have their own families, maybe they can look back at this and get some sort of advice or guidance. When they are in this life stage they can be comforted to know that it’s OK to not be perfect because (fingers crossed) they turned out just fine.

And if, by some chance, they don’t end up ‘just fine’ – well I will just delete this blog and go back to “Reasons Why I Drank Today.”


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